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How many politicians do you trust?  Why do seemingly all politicians end up being changed by Washington D.C. instead of the other way around?  Why does our "Representative" government not actually represent the people? I pledge to vote with the majority of registered voters in my district 100% of the time.

My name is Tyler Murset.  I was born and raised in Utah. I'm a registered Republican running as Unaffiliated on the ticket for the U.S. House of Representatives for Utah's 2nd District. 


I have one campaign promise and ONLY one. That is I will vote on bills as directed by the majority of Utahns (idea from JJ Dewey's Fixing America).

There currently is no process to know what the majority of us want besides polling which is often inaccurate. That’s why I’m creating a secure open-source voting software that will help us know what Utahns really want. 

The software is just a means to an end and part of a bigger plan to have Congress represent the people instead of big business and lobbyists.

Join with me to actually have a meaningful say in what happens in our federal government.


Thanks for joining our movement!

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